Homeschool Credits

In an effort to help our homeschooling families best plan their course schedules and meet their graduation credit requirements, we have broken our high school appropriate courses into Carnegie credit units.

For our purposes, we have used the formula of 150 hours equating to 1 Carnegie Credit. The credit assignments reflect the amount of time expected to complete a given course.

 It is our hope that this list will help you to build your high school class schedule in a way that meets your curriculum needs at the same time that it builds the necessary skills in your student.  

Quarter (1/4) Credit English Courses:

Writing the 5 Paragraph Paper

Writing the 5 Paragraph Paper: Literary Analysis

Writing the 5 Paragraph Paper II

Advanced 5 Paragraph Paper

High School Academic Papers I                                                       

High School Academic Papers II

High School Rhetorical Analysis

2 Semesters of Vocabulary Workshop



Quarter (1/4) Credit Enrichment Courses:


Journaling: The Writer's Voice

Business Writing

Writing Workshop      

Eighth (1/8) Credit Enrichment Courses:       

Essay Writing

Essay Writing II

Grammar I

Grammar II

Grammar III 

Let's Write Sentences!              

Any 5 Reading & Writing Workshop selections from the middle school or high school list will form one complete credit.