Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is available for students who wish to improve their individual writing skills. All tutoring is conducted through Google Docs. Two different options are available:

1. Weekly general tutoring includes three distinct assignments including a "write on demand" journal exercise, short reading assignment with short essay questions, and longer writing essay. (4 week committment)

                                   $45 per week paid in advance  ($180 for total 4 week committment)

2. For students who need assistance on traditional or school writing assignments/papers, Online Scribblers will work with students to improve their rough draft and craft it into the best final copy your student is capable of. For each paper, students submit the original assignment and rough draft. Students will receive an instructor marked copy along with tips for revision. Students then have the opportunity to revise and resubmit a second draft. The instructor will then assist with final advice for revision including spelling, punctuation, organization, sentence structure, and grammar. It should be noted that the instructor will not provide a "quick fix" or rewrite the paper for any student. The goal is to point out areas for improvement and assist the student in making successful and complete revisions. In order to allow for the three draft process, students should submit their initial draft and assignment one week prior to the due date. Please note that this option is also available on a pre-paid basis in which you can pre-pay for up to 4 papers.

                                   $45 per assignment up to 5 pages

                                   $60 per assignment up to 10 pages

                                   **please inquire for longer papers**

Please email: josie@onlinescribblers to formally request either tutoring option.