I just had to tell you how much my son has benefitted from being in your class this term. I had high hopes after talking with you via e-mail this summer, and this has even exceeded those hopes. He has actually done all of his work for this class without me having to remind him...he actually got up yesterday morning and started on his assignment before I ever came downstairs! We used to have tears and agonizing over even writing a topic sentence. Now I am seeing him put 5 paragraphs together on his own. I am impressed by the amazing balance you have between offering great constructive feedback, while at the same time completely boosting their self confidence in writing...I am thrilled beyond words with the progress over the last two months!

mom of 6th grader

Kyle, Texas


I want to let you know what a difference your classes have made in our daughter's attitude about writing.She was nearly manic (in a good way) last week while writing her assignment. She was so energetic and saying how much easier it was for her to write and that she has gotten "pretty good at writing poems (this from a kid who is her own worst critic). I'm so glad we found your classes!

mom of 7th grade student
Potomac, Maryland

This past semester my boys have taken a course with Josie. I saw so much improvement that I immediately signed them up for the next class. Having Josie help them has been a real benefit to our schooling.

mom of 11th grade students
Northern California

My son enjoyed your Short Story class so much. His writing improved a lot. Thanks for your expertise and well-designed classes! The first thing he did on Wednesday morning was log in to the class website to see the new lesson.

Mom of 6th grade student
Sunnyvale, California

Thanks Josie! This class has been great for my son...his overall growth as a writer was very evident to me. The assignments, rubrics, and personal responses were great. I appreciate how you went over every piece of his writing with a fine tooth comb to help him see the errors he was making and to challenge him to develop his skills further. Your feedback was really fantastic! We'll be back for another course in 2014!

Mom of 6th grade student
Pataskala, OH

I just want to thank you. I have never been a great writer. But now I LOVE to write! This is by far my favorite subject now.

4th grade student
Oswego, Oregon

I want to thank you for the great parent e-mail communication you send out. It is very helpful to me, and I truly appreciate it. Thank you also for your thoughtful comments on [my daughter's] work. She has always been a reluctant writer and after she wrote the news article assignment, she said that she really enjoyed that type of writing and that she felt good about it. Wow, she has never said anything like that!

Mom of 8th grade student
Broadview, Montana

I appreciated the detailed comments, the corrections you made, and the encouragement you gave [our daughter]. She has never enjoyed writing so I was delighted at her output. The one thing that I appreciated most from your assessment was your honest evaluation of her work. All too often our children are told that they are great and that everything they do is wonderful. Although you were full of encouragement and praise, you always pointed out what she needed to work on and where her weaknesses lay. I am grateful for your honesty.

Mom of 3rd grade student
Eagan, Minnesota

I wanted to send you a note telling you how instrumental you have been in our daughter's life.She won't admit that she loves your journalism class, but she just told me about scoring 100% on her last two quizzes, how she just wrote 400 words for her journal in 15 minutes saying "the words just came out!", and that on her PSAT form she marked an interest in journalism. Of course, her interests may change as she matures, but for today, YAHOO!

mom of 10th grade student

Missoula, Montana

I liked that [after taking this class] writing became easier!

6th grade student

San Diego, California