Journalism Club

Enjoy the collaboration of writing with other teens with the purpose of publishing an informative and exciting newspaper! Write articles about issues important to you and about the community you live in to share with the Online Scribblers family and friends all while learning layout techniques and assuming roles of leadership.

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Students in Grade 8-12

Journalism club is open to all students who have previously taken the Online Scribblers 8 week Journalism course or are currently enrolled. We want as many student journalists as possible! Be as involved as you feel comfortable with and share your perspectives and local happenings. Grow with each opportunity to publish your work. 


Publish an Online Newspaper

3 student newspapers will be published each school year in November, February, and May. You will receive a link to share your newspaper with family and friends and it will be shared with the Online Scribblers community. 

Attend club meetings online and work independently on your articles and sections.

Club Meetings via Zoom

Interested students will meet via Zoom bi-weekly (at an agreed upon time based on student availability) to brainstorm ideas and share progress. Students can volunteer to write as many articles as they want or just one! Students decide the sections to include and will collaborate on headlines and creative aspects and layout.

Fall 2022 through Spring 2023

Join for one edition or all three! 

Edition 1: September through November

Edition 2: December through February

Edition 3: March through May


Experience, Opportunity
Just Plain Fun

This is your chance to experience the thrill of working with a team of students from across the country – and the world – and to make your voice heard! Plus, take advantage of leadership opportunities to run meetings, serve as student editor, proof copy, and assemble creative layouts. Great for your college applications and resume too!

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Joining Journalism Club is easy. Simply click on Join the Club below and we will contact you with our next meeting date and club dues. Dues for each quarterly edition are $30 – that’s just $10 a month! 




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