5 paragraph paper II & III

Posts on Wednesdays (Grades 6+)

Course Objective: To provide further practice and independence in paper writing.

Course Description:  A continuation of Writing the 5 Paragraph Paper, this class provides extra practice developing strong and compelling 5 paragraph papers for middle school students. Students will write three papers, one in each of the following disciplines: historical events, the arts, and a free choice. Students will be required to develop and submit a thesis for approval prior to writing each paper and will work through outline, rough draft, and final draft formats. **Prerequisite: Writing the 5 Paragraph Paper.




Week 1:         Outline format

                        Submission of Thesis 1

Week 2:         MLA Format

                        Submission of Draft 1

Week 3:         Editing Checklist

                       Vocabulary Improvement & Revision

Weeks 4:       Thesis Submission 

Week 5:         Submission of Draft 1                       

Week 6:         Vocabulary Improvement & Revision

Week 7:         Thesis and Draft 1 Submission

Week 8:         Vocabulary Improvement & Revision


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