8 Week Writing Classes

Only $159

Asynchronous Schedule

There is no specific or required time to login or view lessons. This allows students to work at their own pace and around their own busy schedules.

Build Your Curriculum

Courses may be taken in any order and progression which suits your student’s needs and homeschool curriculum or best supplements their classroom work.

Personalized Feedback

Individual and comprehensive instructor feedback with specific goals for improvement is provided on every written assignment.

End of Class Evaluation

At the end of each 8 week session, students receive an individual evaluation of their generalized and course specific writing skills citing proficiencies and areas for improvement. 

2021-22 Class Schedule

Fall I Session: Begins week of August 30, 2021

Fall II Session: Begins week of October 25, 2021

Winter Session: Begins week of January 17, 2022

Spring Session: Begins week of March 18, 2022


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