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the elementary grades and into high school and beyond! 

Carnegie Credit Breakdown

In an effort to help our homeschooling families best plan course schedules and meet graduation credit requirements, we have broken our high school appropriate courses into suggested Carnegie credit units, using the formula of 120 hours equal to 1 Carnegie Credit. The credit assignments reflect the amount of time expected to complete a given course.


Carnegie Credit


Writing the 5 Paragraph Paper I or II

High School Poetry


Journaling: The Writer's Voice

Business Writing

Sentence Diagramming I/II

Daily Writing I/II

Carnegie Credit


5 Paragraph Paper: Literary Analysis I or II

Rhetorical Analysis

Speech Writing

Essay Writing I or II

Cursive Writing

Carnegie Credit


Advanced 5 Paragraph Paper

Full Grammar Series Combined (I, II, & III)

One semester of Vocabulary

Any 3 Reading & Writing Workshops

High School Academic Papers I/II

Writing Workshop

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**All of our courses are non-religious/secular.**


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Business Writing

Business Writing