Newspaper Club

Enjoy the collaboration of writing with other teens with the purpose of publishing an informative and exciting newspaper! Write articles about issues important to you and about the community you live in  and join the fun!  

This is an opportunity to join a club and create leadership opportunities for college applications!

What Experience is Required?


No journalism or article writing experience is needed to join and begin seeing work in print with your own byline. The goal is to try new things and explore topics of interest. 

All students receive feedback and help editing their work as needed to ready it for publication.

Do Students Get Feedback?

Club dues are only $10 per month ($20 for each complete edition).




What is the Time Committment?

Participation for each edition lasts for 2 months , and during this time, students can write many articles or just 1. The level of participation is up to each student.


What Do Students Write About?

There are endless options for students to contribute. Here are some options:


              • local news from their town: new rec center, food drives, cold weather conditions…
              • sports news…about a game they played in or watched on tv or in person
              • news about clubs they participate in like scouts, community service, 4H…
              • columns about topics of interest or specialty: record collecting, cooking, farming…
              • reviews of books, music, concerts…
              • interviews with interesting careers or unique hobbies
              • puzzles: crossword, word finds…
              • comics…
              • photographs

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