Essay Writing II: Expository & Persuasive

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Course Objective: To provide a strong foundation for writing short expository and persuasive essays of 3-5 paragraphs.

Course Description:  Students will further their understanding of essay writing as it pertains to writing informative expository essays and detailed persuasive essays. Emphasis will be placed on research techniques and citing sources as well as using facts and quotes to support opinions in persuasive essays. Students will learn the hallmarks and requirements of each essay type and implement instructor feedback through the revision process. Students will have the option to compose 3, 4, or 5 paragraph essays.



Week 1:         Introduction to Expository Essays

Week 2:         Note Taking & Plagiarism

Week 3:         MLA Format & Citing Sources

Weeks 4:       Revisions                      

Week 5:         Introduction to Persuasive Essays         

Week 6:         Using Facts to Support Opinion

Week 7:         Using Quotations to Support Opinion

Week 8:         Revisions