Advanced essay writing

Posts on Tuesdays (Grades 5+)

Course Objective: To provide further practice in essay writing and create longer, more comprehensive compositions.

Course Description:  This follow-up class to Essay Writing requires students to write a new essay each week, making use of the expository, descriptive, narrative, and persuasive formats that they learned in the first class. Students are required to write 5 paragraph essays and hone their existing skills with the aim of achieving proficiency in essay writing techniques.




Week 1:         Review of all essay formats

                        Expository essay

Week 2:         Free choice expository essay

Week 3:         Descriptive Essay

Weeks 4:       Free choice descriptive essay     

Week 5:         Persuasive Essay                      

Week 6:         Free choice persuasive essay

Week 7:         Narrative Essays

Week 8:         Free choice narrative essay

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