Grammar II: Common errors

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Course Objective: To teach the basic elements of strong sentence structure to help students build powerful paragraphs and compositions.                    

Course Description: Grammar II is the second in a series of three courses designed to teach or review important elements of language arts. This class will teach important skills needed to understand proper sentence structure and for both written and spoken language.  




Week 1:         Phrases: gerund, preposition, verb, participle, and infinitive

                        Clauses: dependent and independent

Week 2:         Sentence Structure: simple, compound, and complex

                        Importance of varying sentence structure

Week 3:         Subjects: simple and complex

                        Subject/Verb Agreement: compound subjects & plural verbs

Week 4:         Predicates: simple, compound, and complete

                        Objects: direct and indirect (object complements)

Week 5:         Sentence Forms: declarative/imperative/exclamatory/interrogative

                        Mood: indicative, imperative, subjunctive

Week 6:         Who vs. Whom

                        Apostrophes in contractions and possession

Week7:          Writing a series

                        Omitting extra words and repetition

Week 8:         Editing and proofreading

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