Grammar III: Punctuation

Posts on Thursdays (Grades 5+)

Course Objective: To teach and encourage the proper use of a variety of punctuation forms.

Course Description:  This final class in the 3 part Grammar series offers instruction in punctuation usage and placement including commas, colons, semi-colons, dashes, hyphens, ellipses, and more! Emphasis will be placed not only on proper usage, but the importance of using a variety of punctuation to enliven writing and improve clarity.




Week 1:         Periods in sentences and abbreviations

Week 2:         Commas

Week 3:         Question Marks and Dashes

Week 4:         Colons, Times, and Numbers

Week 5:         Semi-Colons and Exclamation Points

Week 6:         Hyphens and Quotation Marks

Week7:          Apostrophe and Parenthesis

Week 8:         Ellipses

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