High school academic papers

Posts on Mondays (Grades 9-12)

Course Objective: To provide a thorough introduction to writing comprehensive academic papers at the high school level in preparation for college writing.

Course Description: Perfect the skills needed to write an excellent academic paper: complex thesis development, introductions, drawing conclusions, and research techniques, Learn how to support an idea with specifics from a book and to write thorough bibliography/works cited pages. Students will construct a history research paper and an English literature paper in the 8 week session. They will learn how to organize their work and draw inferences and conclusions from their materials. Emphasis will be placed on grammar and logical thought patterns as well as rough draft and editing techniques for final drafts. Students will be asked to read the book A Separate Peace by John Knowles by the third week of class.





Week 1:         Choosing a topic & Conducting Research

                        Primary and secondary sources/plagiarism

Week 2:         Outline format and MLA form

                        Graphic organizer and parenthetical citations

Week 3:         Revision techniques & Works Cited

Weeks 4:       English papers

                        Character analysis & Compare Contrast essays

Week 5:         Line by Line vs Content revisions

                        Vocabulary building & Drawing conclusions

Week 6:         Theme based papers & Symbolism

Week 7:         Editing Checklist

Week 8:         Review & Revision of papers

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