Introduction to poetry

Posts on Tuesday (Grades 4-8)

Course Objective: To provide an introduction to the basic vocabulary of poetic reading and writing and to gain experience writing basic poetry forms.

Course Description:  Students will learn the basics of poetry construction including rhyme pattern recognition, syllable counting, and rhythm as they form their own personal poetry collection and read examples from renowned poets.




Week 1:         Couplet: basic rhyme

                        Shel Silverstein poems

Week 2:         Quatrain: end rhyme patterns

                        Amy Ludwig VanDerwater & Denise Rogers poems

Week 3:         Acrostic: theme

                        Abecedarian poetry

Week 4:         Cinquain: syllabication

                        Adelaide Crapsey poems

Week 5:         Haiku

                        Matsuo Basho & Natsume Soseki poems

Week 6:         Limerick: rhythm

                        Edward Lear poems

Week 7:         Diamante: pattern and form

                        Iris McClellan Tiedt poems

Week 8:         Bio Poem

                        Opportunity to revise previous work

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