Journaling: the writer's voice

Posts on Fridays (Grades 8-12)

Course Objective: To provide an introduction to the world of blogging and to develop a singular writing voice and style.

Course Description: Daily writing (journaling) is a useful, life-long habit for students in high school, college, and into adulthood. Journaling helps develop a unique style and voice that is powerful and confident. Students in this course will develop and hone their individual writer’s voice and style through 3 journal submissions per week on a variety of topics. Students will be encouraged to try a variety of voices (humor, irony, inspirational) as well as use journaling as a way to explore the world and their connection to it. The art of journaling will be merged with the field of professional online blogging toward the end of the course.




Week 1:         Journaling: purpose, benefits, format

Week 2:         Voice & Style                                       

Week 3:         Useful Punctuation

Weeks 4:       Imagery: humor & irony                                       

Week 5:         Blogging                                      

Week 6:         Catchy Titles & Calls to Action

Week 7:         Finding a Target Audience

Week 8:         Proofreading & Editing

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