Posts on Fridays (Grades 7-12)

Course Objective: To provide an introduction to the world of reporting and journalistic writing.

Course Description:  This class will teach the art of clear, concise, and unbiased writing as students develop their journalistic voice. Each week, students will learn the techniques and skills required for a different type of journalistic submission. Attention will be paid to format, grammar, voice, and adherence to deadlines. 




Week 1:         Elements of a Newspaper & Hard News Articles                       

Week 2:         Interviews & Headlines                       

Week 3:         Soft News Articles & Classified Ads

Weeks 4:       Letters to the Editor & Comics                      

Week 5:         Sports Articles & Cutlines                       

Week 6:         Columns

Week 7:         Reviews (Books)

Week 8:         Nameplates & Puzzles

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