Poetry II

Posts on Tuesdays (Grades 4-8)

Course Objective: To provide an opportunity for additional practice writing poetry with a variety of themes and formats, utilizing skills learned in the Introduction to Poetry class.

Course Description:  Students will build upon the concepts taught in Introduction to Poetry, including syllabication, end rhyme patterns, couplet and quatrain formation, and poetic form. Each week, students will be taught two new forms of poetry that utilize their poetic knowledge and creativity. Students should have completed Poetry I with Online Scribblers or a similar course of study.




Week 1:         Color Poems & Seven Poems

Week 2:         Inside – Outside Poems & People Poems

Week 3:         I Saw Poems & Question Poems

Week 4:         This is Mine Poems & Giving Poems

Week 5:         Sneaky Poems & Exploring Poems                                       

Week 6:         Clerihew Poems & ABC Poems                                       

Week 7:         Season Poems & Ballad Poems                                        

Week 8:         I Wish Poems & Change Poems

                        Opportunity to revise previous work

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