Posts on Fridays (Grades 7+)

Course Objective: To provide direction and practice in proofreading techniques including auditory, visual, and hands-on approaches. 

Course Description:  Students will learn three types of learning styles and practice all three to discover the best form or combination of proofreading techniques for them. Students will also review common errors and then actively proofread a series of sentences to correct errors and also properly proofread paragraphs to correct errors. The goal is for students to slow down and attend to the second step of writing which is the proofreading process. This course will be most useful for students in middle and high school years. 



Week 1:         How Do You Learn?


Week 2:         Homophones

Week 3:         Verb Tense

Week 4:         Incomplete Sentences


Week 5:         Run On Sentences

Week 6:         Introductory Sentences


Week 7:         Numbers



Week 8:         Using Feedback

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