Diagram Sentences I

Posts on Thursdays (Grades 6-12)

Course Objective: To provide greater insight into proper grammar usage and more accurately identify the roles of each word in a sentence in order to improve sentence structure and proper syntax.

Course Description: Learn how each word of a sentence fits into a diagram based on its role or job in a sentence. We will approach sentence diagramming like a puzzle, each week building upon the basic foundation of subject and verb and adding phrases, clauses, and other elements of grammar taught in Grammar I and II. This course is a perfect follow up to our Grammar I and II courses as well as an excellent review for students who want to be well versed in application of proper grammar in their writing. 



Week 1:         Subjects, Predicates & Understood Subjects                    

Week 2:         Compound Verbs & Direct Objects                   

Week 3:        Complex Predicates & Adjectives

Weeks 4:       Adverbs, Intensifiers & Direct Address                    

Week 5:         Subordinate Clauses                      

Week 6:         Prepositional Phrases

Week 7:         Compound Sentences & Questions

Week 8:         Review & Complete Applications

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