Speech writing

Posts on Thursdays (Grades 7-12)

Course Objective: To provide experience composing and delivering presentations and speeches.

Course Description:  Write and deliver 3 of your own speeches including a short speech of introduction, a presentation on a personal topic of interest, and a longer speech utilizing a thematic structure. Students will learn to plan, compose, and deliver their own speeches focusing on reaching their audience effectively and organizing an engaging piece of writing with a purpose. Students will deliver their speech in their home and video record it to upload as an unlisted file to YouTube so that it is only able to be viewed by the teacher. This class will provide experience with presenting for students who don’t otherwise have the opportunity or feel like they would like more practice composing and public speaking.



Week 1:         Elements of a Speech                    

Week 2:         The Short Speech                    

Week 3:         Delivering a Speech

Weeks 4:       Speeches of Information                     

Week 5:         Editing                       

Week 6:         Themes

Week 7:         Movement during a Long Speech

Week 8:         Review

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