Techniques of creative writing

Posts on Thursdays (Grades 4-8)

Course Objective: To provide a strong foundation for the art of creative writing.

Course Description:  Students will explore a variety of figurative language writing techniques including alliteration, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, paradox and more as they stretch their imagination and delve into the artistic world of writing. Students will read examples of creative work as well as try their hand at writing their own pieces.




Week 1:         Hyperbole  Tall Tales (Pecos Bill & Paul Bunyan)

Week 2:         Personification  (Riddles)

Week 3:         Onomatopoeia (Comics)

Weeks 4:       Comparisons (Simile & Metaphor) – Cliché             

Week 5:         Alliteration (Tongue Twisters)                      

Week 6:         Imagery (show don’t tell with the 5 senses)

Week 7:         Oxymoron

Week 8:         Parallelism (speeches, fiction, and poetry)



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