Writing the 5 paragraph paper

Posts on Wednesdays (Grades 6+)

Course Objective: To provide an introduction to formal paper writing.

Course Description:  This class provides a comprehensive look at the essential elements of a well-organized 5 paragraph paper. Emphasis will be placed on forming useful outlines as well as developing a good thesis, hook, and conclusion with adequate supports. Students will be required to proofread first drafts and make revisions. In addition, each week will address common grammar errors associated with middle school writing. Students will write two original papers over the 8 week session.

(Although geared toward middle school students, high school students struggling with basic paper writing would benefit from this class.)




Week 1:         Structure: beginning, middle, end (Graphic Organizer)

Week 2:         Introduction Paragraph: thesis, hook, blueprint   

Week 3:         Body Paragraph: outline format

Weeks 4:       Conclusion Paragraph:  reworded thesis, summary, clincher           

Week 5:         Research Papers: research techniques, organization, plagiarism   

Week 6:         Bibliography & Transitions

Week 7:         Compare & Contrast Papers

Week 8:         Revision & Editing

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