The Joy of Publishing

A soccer player feels joy at scoring a goal.

A chef feels joy when a critic enjoys their food.

Scribbler's Ink publishing

A student feels joy when the teacher uses their work as an example.

An actor feels joy when their movie hits the big screen.

This is a universal truth: People experience joy when their talents are shared with others. So what makes a writer overflow with joy? Why, when they publish, of course!

Writing can be a lonely endeavor. Hours spent composing. More hours spent editing and revising. And then, often, nothing. When writing for school, we submit our work to a teacher who sends it back with a grade. Or sometimes, when we write for pleasure, we just put the finished work in a drawer.

But this cheats writers of the true joy of publication. This is why some astute teachers have implemented publishing parties where their class reads work aloud or creates a book of student work. And this is why literary magazines exist and self-publishing has flourished. A writer’s work is meant to be shared through publication.

So the next time your student writes something, encourage them to publish…and experience the joy of being a writer!

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