The Colon: My Favorite Mark of Punctuation!

Yes, I know it is probably a bit odd to have a favorite punctuation mark. It’s probably even stranger to choose the colon and not an illustrious piece of end punctuation.

the colon


My favorite appears in the middle of a sentence – or perhaps a bit toward the latter half. 

I just love a well placed colon.

The colon is like a red flag for the reader to pay close attention to the information coming.

A colon is used for two purposes.

1.       It can be used before presenting a list in a sentence.

I like all Italian food: pasta, lasagna, and bruschetta.

2.       It can also be used after an independent clause to draw attention to information that comes after it and further explains it.

I like all Italian food: it reminds me of my grandmother.

A well placed colon packs a punch mid sentence and makes the reader stop and take notice. After all, isn’t it the writer’s job to make an impact on the reader? So, for now, I will liberally spread colons through my work, drawing attention and spreading joy!

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